DIY Abstract Picture Frames


Every now and then, we come across a project in a home tour that inspires not only our team, but readers, to request a DIY version we can all try at home. After last week’s Hudson Valley home makeover ran, we got so many emails asking about how to create similar “deconstructed” abstract picture frames. So we invited Jessica Goehring to create a project inspired by the gold frames in her home tour and I love the final result. Jess will walk you through the how-to after the jump! xo, grace


This abstract frame is a fun project that can be made in many shapes and sizes, depending on your particular frame size and patience.

Start by selecting your frame, which you can purchase at a local craft store or go on an antique hunt for something with a bit of fun character. We purchased this simple frame from a local frame shop for about $20. Ours is a 11” x 14” frame that measures 1-3/4” wide. The width is important for our tutorial because the measurements on this template are made to correspond with the width of the frame.

Our first step was to have the right tools on hand, which can vary depending on your level of experience, but we used an old wooden miter box which can be purchased at a home supply store for around $15. The kit will include the saw. You’ll also need a tape measure and a few cans of your favorite spray paint.

This frame was made using 45-degree angles, which are standard pre-sets on a miter box saw, but if you own a professional saw you can cut many different angles to create a wide variety of shapes. Another important tool is an electric glue gun, which is widely available, but I recommend springing for an industrial gun that has variable temperature settings and a variety of tip sizes so the bead of glue can come out in a precise way. Another plus is that you can order industrial glues that are incredibly strong and made exclusively for wood.




-Miter box with saw or an electric chop saw
-Spray paint
-Tape measure
-Hot glue gun

Step 1: Disassemble Frame

-Use miter box to cut 45-degree angles, or your electric chop saw if you own one.

Step 2: Cut disassembled frame pieces according to template. Discard highlighted pink pieces


-Assemble cut pieces according to their corresponding numbers.

-Label the numbers on the backside of the frame.

-Add your own colorful touches; here we used fluorescent pink, powder blue and bright yellow.

-Once paint is dry, assemble your frame with the hot glue gun — remember to hold pieces firmly together for 10 seconds or so.

Almost ready to hang

-Lastly, turn over to add glue to the backside of each joint for extra strength and hang them anywhere you like!

老外開攝影展 手工木框呈現法國之美







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